Natural - Made in Australia - Vegan

About us

Effective and all natural hair care, for more good hair days!

Made in Perth, Western Australia.

Our range includes our trio of gentle, pH-balanced shampoo bars for weaning off that 
everyday wash cycle. Fantastic for balancing oily/dry scalps and catering to your hair 
type/thickness. Our conditioners are packed with nourishing  oils, butters and proteins
with excellent de-tangling and anti-static properties. We also carry a versatile 2 in 1 
Hair|Scalp oil for moisturising dry, brittle hair and soothing itchy, dandruff prone scalps. 
+  a few skincare staples developed since our inception.

Our products are;

1. Sulphate/Detergent FREE
2.  Formaldehyde FREE
3. Paraben FREE
4.  Fragrance FREE
5.  No artificial colours
6.  Palm Oil FREE
7.  Non-GMO
8.  100% Cruelty FREE
9. Vegan  (however some of our products have silk amino acids)

Made with some of these unique natural ingredients;

Ziziphus Spina Christi - the ground up leaves of this plant have a saponin quality, 
impart texture/volume and was used by Persian women before shampoos as we 
know it were created. 

Henna - prized for its ability to deposit colour, anti-fungal & cleansing properties, 
provides thickness/weight and strength to hair.

Jujube berries - a softening, anti-oxidant rich herbal ingredient with the ability to 
soften and tame coarse hair.

Katira gum - a traditional Persian hair conditioner in it's rudimentary state. A
natural gum mixed with water and used as a gel to soften hair after shampooing with
henna or sedr.  It also acts as a detangler and an anti-static due to it's positive charge.

Wishing good hair days to everyone!